Be Humble Enough To Ask For Help

Be Humble Enough To Ask For Help
September 23, 2019 Pastor Bob

The following video is amazing in that it reveals that a dolphin shows more wisdom than many humans. The animal had become tangled in fishing line from its mouth to its pectoral fin, and sought help from a diver. As you watch the video you will see how vulnerable the dolphin was as it drew close enough for the diver to do the necessary work to set it free.

It took several tries but the dolphin kept drawing close so that the work could be done. The dolphin was apparently aware that it could not free itself, and recognized the diver as having the necessary skills to get it freed. The only thing the dolphin had to do was trust in the character of the diver.

Be Humble Enough To Ask For Help

So many times in our own lives we come up against something bigger than we or any human can handle. It is what many people would call “an impossible” situation, and without help there is no hope. It is only after we have exhausted all possibilities that we realize there is no known solution.


It could be an addiction, an incurable illness, besetting fears and incapacitating anxiety, financial failure, the lasting pain after the loss of a loved one through the breakup of a marriage, or the ongoing hurt from a death. Any number of scenarios exist that can leave us in this hopeless state.

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But like that dolphin we must reach a point of absolute honesty about our condition being something we are helpless to change. Next comes humility, so that we will become vulnerable enough to express our honest need. To whom you might ask?

The only One more powerful than difficulties such as these, is God how to ask god for help Himself. The only question is whether or not you will trust that He can take the worst messes and make a miracle. The situation must be given over to Him trusting that no matter what, His character is loving and good.

We are so much like the man beaten and left to die beside the road in the Good Samaritan story. What was needed was someone to come along who would help and heal the wounds and that is what God does. He meets us where we are, and gets us to where we need to be.

If you are like that dolphin and need help, Good Samaritanbegin today by being open and honest. Sure, you may not know very much about God, but all you need to know is that you can trust His character. He is loving and cares for you and your situation.



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