How a Sparrow Caused a Mini-Revival

How a Sparrow Caused a Mini-Revival
October 7, 2019 Pastor Bob

In 1979 there was a sparrow that somehow got into the rafters of St. Helen’s Parish Church in the English town of Brant Broughton. At the time, they were recording a guitar recital for later broadcast on the radio. The chirping bird didn’t exactly chirp with the beat. So the pastor, Rev. Robin Clark, (I’m not making up that first name) asked the congregation to leave and then asked a friend to bring his pellet gun over to the church in order to have the offending sparrow shot.

St. Helens Parish Church

The killing of the sparrow became front-page news. The “London Daily Telegraph” ran a headline that said, “Rev. Robin Orders Death of Sparrow.” Editorials and letters to the editor flowed, chastising the cruel and unusual punishment for this lowly bird.

People who hadn’t darkened the door of a church in decades suddenly remembered Psalm 84:3 in which it is declared that even sparrows are welcome in the house of the Lord.

Once again there is evidence that there are no empty moments in the Lord. God used this small sparrow to awaken the minds and souls of people to remember the truth of His word. This little sparrow caused a mini revival. Its fall to the earth caused some to finally look up.


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