Cropper the Fox: A Very Happy Ending

Cropper the Fox: A Very Happy Ending
September 25, 2019 Pastor Bob
Cropper the Fox

This is the story of a very compassionate man and a loving beautiful fox. Six years ago, Cropper was found in the street after a fight with dogs. The young fox was seriously injured and suffering with toxoplasmosis. Cropper was nursed back to health by this man’s patience, love and determination.

Cropper the Fox

Because of the injuries he will never be able to be strong enough to fend for himself in the wild, but Cropper has a new home and spends very happy days with his human friend.

Mike Towler with rescued red fox

Love is not just a feeling it is a demonstrated action. In the first Mike Towler Foxletter to the Corinthian church Paul used 16 attributes to describe love and not one of them is a feeling (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). The feeling that we call love is a by-product of the actions.

The deepest bonds formed between people, or people and animals, are the result of love being demonstrated. I remember the first dog my wife rescued from the local pound. It was my wife’s love that was somehow understood by that Puggle that forged a deep relationship between my wife and that dog. Mugsy, as she would be called, stayed always near my wife showing a loyalty that seemed to communicate gratitude. For as long as she lived she was truly my wife’s dog.

Thank you to all who care and show it by how lovingly they treat others. Thank you to this man demonstrating his kindness to one of God’s creatures.


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