Stop the Spin!

Stop the Spin!
February 22, 2017 Pastor Leslie
stop the spin
stop the spin

I ask that you stop all of the hissing and dissing, fussing and mussing.

Get off of the tussling and muscling and get down to trusting in Me, the God Most High, faithful lover of each and every one on this earth.

Ultimately it is up to you to release your trust and to turn away from this crazy fray. Its up to you to see past the lies and to turn your eyes to My heavenly skies.

Stop a minute and listen so you may hear the call from My Son who came to earth to die for ALL.

He sees the carnage in the dark and His voice cries out with a hark, “ I came to earth to walk with man, I know all secrets from beginning to end. I love each person regardless of their deeds, and I paid the price that you all would be set free.

The days are short before I return. My heart so yearns for all to spurn the ways of wickedness and the traps of death; come receive my goodness and be refreshed.

I love you all, black or white, there is no need for this racial fight. Waste not your time in meaningless frazzles; there is no fruit in the plunder of these senseless battles.

It all comes down to one final thing; who will you serve, Me, Jesus the Lord and King, or will you serve your selfish senses that will ultimately lead you into Satan’s darkness where there are no options or recompenses?

No one has committed a sin or action that will keep them from My love, forgiveness and eternal protection. The choice is yours, I will not force you; My Words are perfect and will not be broken, rest assured the door is open; just don’t delay for the end will come.”

To God be the Glory!